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1601 Wife [widow] of Caretaker [of] Corn Market, Cork.
Died of acute pneumonia, 6 days, certified.
Informant: [G] Bradish, grandaughter, South Main Street. 
Good, Mary Anne (I102)
1602 Witnesses: Charles Hewardine, Arthur H. Bradish
By: banns, Thomas Mills, Vicar 
Family F679
1603 Witnesses: Charles S. Craddock, Lilly Souter
By banns, J. A. Lyney, Senior Curate 
Family F490
1604 Witnesses: Francis Calla[n]; Dorcas Fitzgerald
By: [Hilan] E. O'Sullivan 
Family F611
1605 Witnesses: George Bradish, Joseph Bradish
By: license, William Fitzgerald 
Family F604
1606 Witnesses: James Braddish, Bridget Doherty
By: Jeremiah O'Gorman 
Family F809
1607 Witnesses: James [F]inn [F]im, Norah Braddish
By: M. B. Le[in]han CC 
Family F506
1608 Witnesses: James [M.] McLean, Fannie Bradish
By: Thomas Miller, [M?t] Vicar 
Family F608
1609 Witnesses: John Clear, Lillie Kelly
By: Thomas O'Ryan CC 
Family F510
1610 Witnesses: John Kennedy, 1 Rosemary Place; Mary F[?], Anne Street
By: William Dwane 
Family F499
1611 Witnesses: John McSweeney, Katie Flynn
By: Timothy Lee Adm 
Family F503
1612 Witnesses: John Parr, Mary Jane Bradish
By: licence, Hitt W. deNerewhite, Rector of Bourney 
Family F413
1613 Witnesses: John Thompson, Mary Thompson
By: John D. Cleeland, Registrar 
Family F628
1614 Witnesses: John Wallace, George John Denmead
By: G. G. Harley 
Family F779
1615 Witnesses: Joseph Maloney, Bridget O'Neill
By: Timothy Lee, Adm 
Family F782
1616 Witnesses: Joseph Wood, Kate Keating
Witness to Marks: John Pendergast
By: F. O'Brien P.P. [Parish Priest] 
Family F767
1617 Witnesses: Leo Macken, Frances Bradish
By: George Turley CC 
Family F641
1618 Witnesses: Matt Connors, Katie [R]yan
By: John Griffin CC 
Family F784
1619 Witnesses: Matthew James, Bessie Bradish
By: A. C. Webb, Official Minister 
Family F601
1620 Witnesses: P. Frawley, 4 Watergate, May Gallaher, 9 Victoria Terrace
By: J. A. O'Conner Adm 
Family F411
1621 Witnesses: Pat Flynn, Annie Daly
By: C. Stuart 
Family F507
1622 Witnesses: Pat'k Mullane, Mary Spence
By: James Canon Fleming 
Family F609
1623 Witnesses: Patrick C[uneen], 25 Garryowen; Catherine Braddish, 69 Mungret Street
By: J. A. O'Connor Adm 
Family F796
1624 Witnesses: Patrick Sheahan, Mary Anne Courtenay, D&G
By: Daniel Fitzgerald PP 
Family F603
1625 Witnesses: R. M. B. Otway-Ruthven, Francis Lyndon Bradish
By: the rites and ceremonies of the Church of Ireland, John H. Bradish 
Family F403
1626 Witnesses: Richard Byrne; Rita O'Callaghan
By: J. J. Mulcahy CC 
Family F644
1627 Witnesses: Richard P. Good, Annie O'Leary
By Mark Leonard CC 
Family F515
1628 Witnesses: Robert John Newman, John D. Newman
By: licence, T. D. Stuart 
Family F819
1629 Witnesses: Sarah Fuller, Henry Duggan
By: licence, J. C. L[and] [?] 
Family F511
1630 Witnesses: Thomas Kirby, Sarah Hanly
By: R. Fitzgerald 
Family F805
1631 Witnesses: Thomas O'Shaugnnessy, Agnes Mahoney
By Patrick O'Connell 
Family F602
1632 Witnesses: Thomas W. Mitchell, Jane Bradish
By: Thomas Mills, Vicar 
Family F606
1633 Witnesses: Thomas Walsh, Hannah Walsh
By: Martin Murphy 
Family F620
1634 Witnesses: Tim Conway, 5 Fogartys Row; Moira McCarthy, 8 Francis Street
By: J. A. O'Connor Adm 
Family F840
1635 Witnesses: William Bradish, Johanna H[eheis]
By: John Martel CC 
Family F770
1636 Witnesses: William Bradish, Sarah Jane Roe
By: licence, Hitt W. deNeuwhite, Rector of Bourney 
Family F521
1637 Witnesses: William Carr, John L[ing]
By: licence, E. ?. Brandon 
Family F493
1638 Witnesses: William Eyre, Kathleen Eyre
By: license, Frederic John Hartley 
Family F613
1639 Witnesses: William O'Brien, Ellie Bradish
By: Michael O'Brien CC 
Family F419
1640 [?], 6 months, uncertified, no medical attendant.
Informant: Edward Bradish, father, Kylebeg. 
Bradish, George (I1762)
1641 [CJB] Died unmarried.

Birth: 1810
Death: Jan. 12, 1842
Grand Ecore
Natchitoches Parish
Louisiana, USA

The Times-Picayune.
Sunday, January 16, 1842
Page 2
MELANCHOLY. - We regret to record the death by drowning of Capt. James Bradish, of the steamer Norma. He is supposed to have fallen from the hurricane roof of the boat on the night of Tuesday inst. The roof was wet and slippery and the night was dark. Capt. Bradish was missed, as is conjectured, about half an hour after the misfortune, when the boat was put back, and every effort made to rescue the lost commander, but in vain. The Norma was from Shreveport for this city. - Capt. Bradish had been for very many years a popular commander on the Mississippi.

Friday, March 4, 1842
Page 2
The body of the lamented Captain Bradish, late of the Norma, was taken to Natchitoches on the steamer Rodolph, on the evening of the 21st ult. The body had been picked up floating in the river, about seven miles above that place and tied to a tree. - Capt. Wright of the Rodolph, being informed of this, procured a box and took his remains to Natchitoches. The jury rendered a verdict that the deceased came to his death by falling from the deck of the steamboat Norma, about the 1st of January last. 

His remains were followed to the grave by a large number of citizens.

*Another account of the accident in The Baltimore Sun of Jan. 26, 1842, gave the date of the drowning as January 14.

American Cemetery 
Natchitoches Parish
Louisiana, USA
Created by: Scout Finch
Record added: Apr 22, 2016 
Find A Grave Memorial# 161501345 
Bradish, James (I169)
1642 [CJB] Died unmarried. Bradish, Wheaton Charles (I173)

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